Anna Aguirre

Anna Aguirre, an undergraduate fellow in the Guam hub, speaks about her experience in the SEAS Islands Alliance.

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Student Spotlight: Rebecca Salas

Guam Hub

Landscape view of Guam with green hills in the foreground and the sea and clouds in the background

Jezreelyn Bulaklak

Guam Hub

Sign that spells out Guam in a park under palm trees

Meet Rebecca Salas, an undergraduate student with the #Guam hub of the #SEASIslandsAlliance. She studies the behavior of upside-down #jellyfish at @UOGTriton.

#NSFIncludes #Fellow


Last week, research students in #PuertoRico visited the @EcoExploratorio museum to learn about #earthquakes! They attended a workshop and then had the chance to explore the science museum. #NSFIncludes #SEASIslandsAlliance


The @SEAS_Islands Alliance has a one-year, remote post doc position to support evaluation in cross-island contexts (Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands). The Alliance supports a full pathway of marine and environmental science programs on each island:

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This project has been funded through a grant by the National Science Foundation.