Zola Roper & Joseph Townsend

Zola Roper and Joseph Townsend, both workforce development fellows in the U.S. Virgin Islands hub, speak about their experience in the SEAS Islands Alliance.


Tiffany Del Valle Gonzalez

Puerto Rico & USVI Hubs

This #WomenInScience Day, meet Jezreelyn Bulaklak, one of our undergraduate fellows in our #Guam hub! https://www.seasislandsalliance.org/portfolio-item/bulaklak-guam/
#NSFIncludes #WomenInSTEM

NSF Award Supports New Effort to Engage Underrepresented Island Students in Marine and Environmental Sciences https://www.mdsg.umd.edu/news/nsf-award-supports-new-effort-engage-underrepresented-island-students-marine-and-environmental #SEASIslandsAlliance

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