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Through partnerships with local universities, government agencies, nonprofits, and private sectors, the National Science Foundation’s Navigating Home program provides an innovative solution to the “brain drain” challenge that islands and rural communities face. Navigating Home hopes to bring back island residents by providing airfare, competitive stipends and salaries, and fellowship experiences that would inspire individuals to give back to their islands as their islands have provided for them.

Through the Navigating Home program, the Guam hub of the SEAS Islands Alliance currently partners with four government agencies (Guam Energy Office, Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Statistics and Plans, and Department of Agriculture/Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources); two University of Guam research labs (Dr. Else Demeulenaere, ethnobotany and ecology, and Dr. Brett Taylor, fisheries ecology); and one nonprofit (University of Guam Sea Grant).

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Apply for a Navigating Home Fellowship in Guam

The Guam hub is seeking individuals who are: current or recently graduated students with a STEM master’s or doctoral degree; and have a connection to Guam, either by residency or heritage. 

Our $2.7 million initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation, aims to address the “brain drain” challenge faced by islands and rural communities. We accomplish this through collaborations with local universities, government agencies, nonprofits, and private sectors. We do this by reintegrating local residents into Guam’s workforce, requiring participants’ presence on the island for the entire duration of their chosen fellowship. The current fellowship opportunities primarily focus on marine, terrestrial, and environmental sciences, engineering, and policy.

We offer two types of fellowships: a yearlong fellowship and a summer fellowship. The yearlong fellowship encompasses a range of benefits, including a one-way ticket to Guam, a competitive salary of approximately $49,000, a modest relocation stipend, and a host of professional development opportunities. This includes the potential for attending a national conference, contingent on funding availability.

The summer fellowship lasts 4-6 weeks and provides comparable benefits but with a roundtrip ticket to Guam and a stipend of $3,600.

Yearlong Fellowship:

  • Application open until positions filled
  • Start date: Late May / Early June 2024
  • End date: Lay May / Early June 2025

Summer Fellowship:

  • Application open until 11:59 p.m. on March 15, 2024
  • Start date: Late May / Early June 2024
  • End date: Mid July 2024

To apply, complete this form:

Have questions? Contact Jessica Eri Fernandez at or 671-686-8936.

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This project has been funded through a grant by the National Science Foundation.