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Tiffany Del Valle Gonzalez

Puerto Rico & USVI Hubs

We're excited to have a video in the #STEMvideohall, which opens next week on May 11!
Come view 3-minute videos revealing the under-reported, positive side of #STEM learning & teaching, interact w/ others in the field, and vote for your favorites! https://stemforall2021.videohall.com

Save the dates for the 2021 #STEMvideohall where 250+ #NSFfunded #STEMed & #CSed projects highlight their work in 3-min videos. Bookmark the site, so you can view, discuss, & vote on your favorites May 11-18.
We're excited to take part!

This #WomenInScience Day, meet Jezreelyn Bulaklak, one of our undergraduate fellows in our #Guam hub! https://www.seasislandsalliance.org/portfolio-item/bulaklak-guam/
#NSFIncludes #WomenInSTEM

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This project has been funded through a grant by the National Science Foundation.